Hello World!

January 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

So I finally have a website up – a real live one that actually exists in cyberspace. After months (possibly years) of procrastination, my make believe world has made it out to the real world. Do check it out and I would love to hear from you!


Along with this born-again website, I have some other new year promises to keep.

1. Do a sketch a day. (Hopefully some of these are good enough to share with you on this blog).

2. Get all those picture book ideas that are currently swimming in my head out into the world.

3. Shamelessly promote my illustration work.

Happy 2011!


§ One Response to Hello World!

  • Sheela Chari says:

    Hi Kavita,
    I was just watching Maya on TV now with my toddler. I’ve seen this show a few times and this time I went online to find out more. Congratulations on creating such a beautiful, visual story! My daughter, who is Indian-American, really enjoys seeing a story on the TV featuring a woman in a sari! We look forward to seeing more such stories (including the one about Holi) from you!

    Best wishes,

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