The Seven Year Itch

October 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

It all began way back in 2003 with Maya. I was a design school graduate, fresh from the School of Visual Arts. I had just finished working and graduating with my design thesis – a precocious Indian pre-school character that introduced   Somehow with a pinch of perseverance, a dash of luck and lots of hard work, my design thesis became a real world product. I was able to sell the idea of Maya to Nick Jr., and they commissioned me to do an animated short based on her. I was creator/designer and was teamed up with a team of extremely talented individuals who knew the animated world, to help make this dream project a reality. A little 3 minute short took almost 8 months to create – we all had day jobs and worked on maya nights and weekends and holidays. And finally, August 15th 2004 – Indian Independence Day saw ‘Maya the Indian Princess‘ debut on national TV (Nickelodeon Channel).

I was hooked. And since then, have been living in a wonderful make believe world of storytelling/ illustrating for the preschool audience.


§ One Response to The Seven Year Itch

  • ron says:

    Big fan of the world of make believe!
    Great choice to build your site in WordPress! I have skinned a few WordPress sites. Let me know if you need any help! Lets have lunch soon!!!!!

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